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 Sita Duncan


Freelance Artist Illustrator (She/her)

Commission Prices

Commissions Status:

-I use e-mail and/or discord as my main source of communication between the client and myself. Allow a few days for responses, patience is very much appreciated.


-Clients should send all relevant info to me as soon as they can, so any questions either the client or I have can be sorted asap. Sketches are sent for review to all clients for most commission types that progress further than the sketch stage. Any issue with these sketches is much easier to fix at an early stage.


-Most art takes me anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to complete. Please let me know if a piece of art is needed by a certain time. Rush jobs may not be completed on time without a rush fee paid. 

-Payment for a commission must be sent before I will begin work on a piece.

-All pricing is for a single character only.

No reference image required, I can work from text and/or images.


  • $52 - Gremlin
    (No feedback stages. What you get is the final!)
    Perfect for causing mischief. A simplified art style to show the essence of your character.


  • $135 - Character Design 

  • (No feedback stages. What you get is the final!)

  • Provide me with Ancestry/Race, Gender and Body type, desired ExpressionOutfit and up to 3 Colors. (Or a mood board like from pinterest) and you'll get a character similar to my Full Color style.

  • $185 - Full Color
    ~Cute and concise!~


  • $310  - Detailed 
    ~For those more specific and robust characters~

    Excessive details (lots of weapons, full plate, animal companions, familiars etc) may cost extra​WoW or FF14 characters add $50

  • Reference Sheets
    Yes, I do offer ref sheets, including extra poses, base skin, outfits, expressions and item details. Price varies on style chosen and if you want sketchy/flats or full render.

  • Inquire for More Complex Pieces / Backgrounds. I'll give you a quote!
    General rule of thumb for large party commissions prices: Characters x style = price


All prices are non-commercial.

For commercial pricing please contact me for a quote. 

Exclusive and Print Commercial rights are more expensive than my base rates.

I am open to discussing a budget or royalty split to work with you on your project, but please be prepared to tell me the budget up front.

Commission form

Fill out a questionnaire via google forms 

This helps me get an idea of exactly what you're looking for!

Or use this form


Discord: SitaArt

You can leave questions blank if you're unsure


Commission Type: (Gremlin, Full Color, Detailed)

Paypal Email:

Name of character:

Outward Age: (teenager, young adult, old granny)



Body type and Color: (Chubby. Blue scales with pale underbelly. Muscled, peach skin.)

Hair color/style:

Eye color:

Desired expression/Mood of character:

Desired outfit:

References: (If any, please keep to 3, or all in 1 image)

For Gremlin - Item of note to be holding? Bell, potion

Is there a particular piece of my art that you love, that you'd like your piece of art to be similar to?

Extra: for anything else!

Contact Me



Interested in commissioning artwork from me?

Get in touch~

Please provide a description, references, and any additional info about your commission in your message to me.

*I will not take requests or work for exposure only projects, thank you.

Success! Message received.

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