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How Commissioning Me Works

Not used to commissioning artists?

Here's a rundown of how commissioning me works, and what to expect.

  1. Contact.
    Get in contact with me and let me know what kind of art piece you want (sketch, full color, illustration etc).

    At the same time you should send me your reference images /text description.


  2. Payment.
    Once I accept the commission, I require payment up front before I will begin any work on the piece.


  3. Sketch.
    At this point I will send you a sketch. For commissions that are bigger than a sketch, I will then ask for any tweak requests. It is easiest to make changes at this stage, so please tell me if you have any thoughts or concerns.


  4. Update.
    From here I will move forward to detailing and refining the sketch. I'll often send a flat color version of the piece to make sure you're happy with the colors.


  5. Final.
    From there, I'll move on to finishing up the piece of art and sending you the final piece with your last chance to ask for minor tweaks.

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